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For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with learning math, from high school to now college, GPAs, to my ACT score. I actually failed Trigonometry with a stunning grade of a 1.4 several years ago. I knew I would need to re-take the class to bring my GPA back up, but I was dreading it for quite some time. Failing the first time around was devastating for me and I was terrified of repeating and getting the same results.Videomathteacher has helped me as a student. Mr. Davis explains everything clearly and concisely, showing every single step. In preparation for my first test, I made sure I utilized to help me study. Even though I had completed all my homework and went over my notes multiple times, it was fantastic to have a resource in which I could review concepts, have a multitude of fresh, new math problems at my disposal, and even better I could watch those problems worked out and explained. The videos are great to re-explain concepts that may have been forgotten since class, and to be able to follow along and check my own work to make certain I am doing things correctly. In fact in studying for the exam, I actually discovered a concept I had been doing incorrectly in my homework. I was real glad I was able to catch that before the test! Without having a resource like Videomathteacher to use, I may have continued to do things incorrectly and never know it. With a subject like math, in which most things tend to build on previously learned concepts, it is important to catch those types of mistakes quickly.Imagine my surprise when I received 108% on first test! Videomathteacher made this possible for me. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the previously mentioned math score is the best score I’ve ever received on a math test. Too bad a resource like this was not available to me when I was in high school, perhaps I would not have struggled as much as I did. Some students need extra instruction, and while a tutor may help, the beauty of a website like this one is the 24-hour a day, 7-day a week availability of it. It’s there when a student needs it and I can say I definitely benefited from using it!
K. Sosnowski

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