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Video Testimonial One

Returning to school

Video Length 1:52

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Andy returned to school after many years and attended college and found Videomathteacher to be very helpful in his learning experience.
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Video Testimonial Three

Industry Specific-Nursing

Video Length 0:42

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Nancy used Videomathteacher to help learn the math required for a nursing degree.
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Video Testimonial Two

College Student

Video Length 1:47

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Kalee used the math videos as her own private tutor in the comfort of her own home to aid her in learning math that had been difficult for her.
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Most recent testimonials

"Videomathteacher.com is a wonderful site that I have no problem directing my students to if they need some extra help. The wide variety of topics and problems as well as the excellent videos of the solutions is a real help to students in need of help."

- P. Dawkins

"Working on math one on one is much easier to understand than seeing it displayed in front of a large class. Seeing it in a new perspective always helps when trying to learn a new subject. When my teacher teaches, his methods are to show it as if we already know it. Working with Gary helps because he teaches it is as a new subject to me."

- Max T.

"I have a very hard time learning math. I need to watch something repeatedly to understand. The website helped me to understand by using repetition. Having the ability to repeat/play videos whenever I wanted was very helpful for me."

- S. McDaniel

"Math has not exactly been my favorite subject all the years that I have been working out problems. Throughout my high school years, I kept getting one bad teacher after another as if they did not care if the students understood what they taught. This website has been extremely helpful this semester as a learning tool that I can use in the comfort of my own home when I am trying to figure out challenging math problems on homework. I specifically like how you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward the problems on the website. Thank you for putting together such a great and helpful website Mr. Davis! "

- Adam G.

"I found Gary’s memory of formulas and theorems very impressive. He took difficult ideas and restated them in easy to understand concepts."

- OCC Student

"I felt as if the website through the use of the videos explained problems better than the majority of my past instructors. I feel more confident in math now as a result."

- A.Crawford

"Being 39 and going back to school is tough. It has been 17 years since I did any real math problems so starting out with Algebra was more than I could handle. Until I was referred to Videomathteacher.com This site has everything, a video library, work sheets, and an abundance of material to choose and use. Now because I have been using the site my Algebra is improving and I may get a respectable grade in my class now. Thanks Videomathteacher."

- S. Willis

"The site had everything I could ask for in an online math website!"

- Rick M.

"I am very grateful I was able to watch and learn how to do my assignments for class in time to the grade. I appreciate the simple way you teach. I had been struggling for days with ‘Thinkwell’s’ lessons on factoring. I watched your videos and within an hour I took the quiz at Thinkwell’s online and got an 84%, the highest grade I have gotten so far on any quizzes! Thank you. "

- Mark R.

"Videomathteacher was helpful to me because the videos explained the problems really well."

- Adam K.

"Professor Davis has put together a great website that is very helpful, especially in areas of math that are challenging for me."

- Ben T.

"If I had to miss class I would use the website to help me learn what I had missed so I did not have to fall further behind in class."

- Matthew L.

"The website helped me to review concepts that were being taught in class and helped me to review past concepts making it very helpful for me to learn."

- Morgan B.

"What a wonderful resource, the website saved me multiple times this semester with difficult material and test preparation."

- Kailee S.

"Anything I could ever need is on this website as far as math problems. Not only is the work shown, but it is explained step by step (just like in a classroom). I didn’t have to go off on an errata worksheet to do my homework, which decreased my work load, and the reference pages are great. Thanks Videomathteacher."

- A. Roberts- OCC

"The website helped me when I would get stuck with my homework, I could go look up as many examples as I wanted to view so I could complete my work."

- Peter H.

"The best math tutor is one who can explain mathematical concepts in such way that any student can understand easily, and that’s exactly what Gary does. "

- Gabe M.

"This website explains the problems that you need help on and the tutor makes you understand how to do the problems."

- Tre H.

"Fantastic website it helped me a lot."

- Angela C.

"Great teacher and the videos were very in-depth and easy to understand. It has great videos that explain a lot."

- Jeff F.

"Gary is an enthusiastic math tutor who takes pride in his work and wants his clients to succeed and do the best that they can do in their math studies. The website is a great study tool and helps explain math to a better understanding."

- Sam N.

"Gary is extremely smart in every math course he has tutored me in! He knows the material like the back of his hand and is super funny too! He's able to help me understand math when my teachers can't in school."

- Griffin K.

"Great as a home support learning tool."

- Richard

"When I had questions I was skeptical about it saved me a lot of time."

- Mike H.

"It was nice to have something additional to look at if I ran into problems."

- Mary M.

"It was helpful because you could easily answer any questions you were confused on without having to be in class."

- Maria R.

"Without these videos in addition to my class I would not have passed. Thanks!"

- Liz J.

"The website not only helped me figure out the math subjects I was having trouble with, but also gave me the tools to figure out future math subjects I came across."

- Nicole H.

"I could work problems right with the videos. I could do the problem, play the video to see if I did it right or find where I needed more practice."

- Kelly C.

"A few days ago I was preparing for an exam for Intermediate Algebra at College. There were a few questions that I was reviewing that I just could not solve on my own. VideoMathTeacher enabled me to view several examples with step by step solutions. After reviewing several factoring examples and slope/graphing examples, I felt confident going into that exam. I was even able to help a classmate based on pointers and tips I took from the site. I personally think VideoMathTeacher is awesome and will be using it for the remainder of the semester and any future math classes that I take! Thanks VideoMathTeacher, I got a 99% on my test!!"

- Hazar M.

"Professor Davis is a wonderful teacher, I find this website to be very helpful, especially in the areas of math that are challenging for me. This website has made math clear when at times math felt like a dark cloud, Professor Davis has provided an umbrella and a ray of sunshine for me. I have gained the confidence needed to become and remain successful in math. I will recommend to my peers this website when they made need help in math. Thank you."

- L. King

"This website is awesome! I am horrible at math and this website really helps me understand it. I love that you can pause and rewind problems that he is doing. All the problems that I do not understand are explained so clearly and systematically. I was so worried I was going to fail my algebra class and now I know I will be fine. I wish I would have started using this site a lot sooner."

- L. McBride

"Because I am an auditory based learner, the website helped me to understand the processes much better."

- D. Thurmond

"Gary gave me the confidence to do any type of math problem and to be a strong math student."

- Lahser High School Student

"When I was doing my homework and I couldn’t find an answer, I could easily find an example with a step by step explanation online with your website. Thanks for making it less frustrating for me."

- S. Bergeous

"Working on the math is a lot easier than with my teacher who doesn't explain alot. Gary helped me gain a better understanding of what we have vaguely gone over in class and helps me understand it for the upcoming tests. He knows algebra very well and is a great communicator."

- Alex L.

"The website let me work the problems with it. I could do the problem and then play the video to see if I did it right or see where I needed more practice."

- Nguyen C.

"The site gave me step by step process to get the right answer."

- Katey B.

"It is easier for me to see something being done opposed to reading it in the book. The website helped me learn better."

- Sharissa L.

"The site helped me because I could see the examples being done right in front of me."

- Miranda R.

"It was easy to learn from and had many examples of commonly seen problems."

- Nathan K.

"It was a great resource for me and helped me get an A in class!"

- Sam S.

"Reading the textbook made topics complicated, the website provides a much simpler explanation."

- M. Caan

"For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with learning math, from high school to now college, GPAs, to my ACT score. I actually failed Trigonometry with a stunning grade of a 1.4 several years ago. I knew I would need to re-take the class to bring my GPA back up, but I was dreading it for quite some time. Failing the first time around was devastating for me and I was terrified of repeating and getting the same results.Videomathteacher has helped me as a student. Mr. Davis explains everything clearly and concisely, showing every single step. In preparation for my first test, I made sure I utilized Videomathteacher.com to help me study. Even though I had completed all my homework and went over my notes multiple times, it was fantastic to have a resource in which I could review concepts, have a multitude of fresh, new math problems at my disposal, and even better I could watch those problems worked out and explained. The videos are great to re-explain concepts that may have been forgotten since class, and to be able to follow along and check my own work to make certain I am doing things correctly. In fact in studying for the exam, I actually discovered a concept I had been doing incorrectly in my homework. I was real glad I was able to catch that before the test! Without having a resource like Videomathteacher to use, I may have continued to do things incorrectly and never know it. With a subject like math, in which most things tend to build on previously learned concepts, it is important to catch those types of mistakes quickly.Imagine my surprise when I received 108% on first test! Videomathteacher made this possible for me. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the previously mentioned math score is the best score I’ve ever received on a math test. Too bad a resource like this was not available to me when I was in high school, perhaps I would not have struggled as much as I did. Some students need extra instruction, and while a tutor may help, the beauty of a website like this one is the 24-hour a day, 7-day a week availability of it. It’s there when a student needs it and I can say I definitely benefited from using it! "

- K. Sosnowski

"Problems were easy to follow and I liked how it showed all the steps."

- Chelsea W.

"It helped me be able to see examples being done in front of me at my convenience."

- Wahid N.

"Gary explains math problems in ways that you well understand."

- Jenny B.

"I need to be able to watch something over and over to understand and this website helped me better understand with repetition."

- Sarah M.

"I would use the Videomathteacher when I would get stuck and it made it much easier to guide me in the right direction."

- Jessica W.

"What a great way to learn when there is no one else to help you."

- Ali A.

"Gary has helped my grade improve tremendously. I went from being a below average student to a student at the top of my math class. I used to hate math to the point where i just stopped doing my homework, but Gary helped me realize math is like a puzzle and if I take my time it can be solved. Thank you."

- Sarah M.

"This website helped me understand the material I didn’t understand when using the math book. I was glad to have this as a resource."

- Carly G.

"The website was very clear on explaining math concepts discussed in class so it really helped me out."

- Vince M.

"The site helped me with basic understanding of concepts and gave me the extra push to move forward."

- Brandon E.

"Because I am an audio based learner it helped me understand the process much better."

- Daryll T.

"When I did not have access to the teacher the website was very helpful in explaining the material."

- Ashley W.

"A great resource that provided me the help I needed to understand the material plus I was able to print blank unit circles to practice."

- Mory M.

"Videomathteacher.com helped me overcome my math anxiety."

- Emily K.

"I subscribed to videomathteacher and found the math videos to be very helpful. I have even tried some other sites in the past (even free ones) but these videos were the best. Easy to understand, clear and upbeat speaking voice & many free resources. He is an experienced teacher and it shows. I was able to improve my grade and now am confident to continue with more college level math. I recommend this site to any one that needs help or reassurance learning math."

- Melonie R.

"Thank you very much for your math website. I must say that it is one of the most organized and user friendly math website that I have been to so far. I am very impressed because all of the solutions are explained with steps that are easy to understand, accompanied by the side display of the important rules essential for each topic as well as the demonstration of scientific calculator usage wherever necessary. Without a doubt, Video Math Teacher website is an excellent resource and I feel bad that I had not utilized this extraordinary learning tool before my previous test. Thanks again for being an excellent Professor and for providing the students with access of this awesome learning resource! "

- A.Z.