Video Math Teacher – Your Virtual Math Tutor

Video Math Teacher was first conceived in 2007 as a virtual math tutor with the idea of being able to provide any level of mathematics through technology to any person who had an interest in learning this subject.

Through modern technology such as the internet and video streaming, we have created over 11,000 math videos ranging from Arithmetic through Calculus with one goal: To help teach, tutor and help students succeed in learning this material to achieve self-confidence and better results.

The Video Math Teacher and Tutor Process

We know that learning is a process where students must first observe methods, thoughts, and ideas then practice what they have learned and assess their abilities. In this website, VMT has developed virtual math tutor videos and lessons that provide thousands of answers to students’ questions in math. Through the process of watching videos, finding out more information through related videos, printing out and practicing related worksheets, and being assessed on their knowledge, students can find that Video Math Teacher quickly becomes a valuable source of knowledge that can supplement or replace traditional methods of learning mathematics and is essentially a personal virtual math tutor.

Video Math Tutoring

Our video math tutoring and videos were carefully created using clear and understandable language designed for the viewer to easily learn. All material is presented using handwritten mathematics in a logical format with many examples. If a student forgets some prior knowledge of math, related videos will help them fill gaps in their memory so that they can become confident in their current level. Not only can screenshots be made of any video so that a student can print out any screen, but worksheets can be customized so that they can practice what they have learned. Afterward, students can check their work by comparing it to the results from that video.

Our material is organized several ways depending on students’ needs. It can be arranged similar to a book, by subject, chapter, section, and group of problems. Or, students can browse by grade level. Students can browse the material in a table of contents, or look up keywords in an index, or search for known keywords or thoughts.

Video Math Tutoring For All Levels of Students

Whether the student is in high school, college or university, returning back to school to prepare for a standardized test, earning credits for a job, whether they are a parent, student, teacher, or just interested in math, Video Math Teacher can help anyone learn mathematics at their pace no matter what level student they are. For a sample of the areas Video Math Teacher can serve as a virtual math tutor for a student, please visit any level of mathematics below:
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