About Professor Gary Davis


Professor Gary Davis created VMT as a video math tutor to teach and help students succeed in learning math at all levels. At an early age, Gary realized he had a unique ability for understanding mathematics and for relaying it to others. By age 25, he earned a certificate in Teaching Secondary Mathematics from the State of Michigan, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Michigan State University in Mathematics and a Master of Arts Degree from Wayne State University also with an emphasis in Mathematics.

Since then, Gary has spent 20 years of successfully teaching students to learn mathematics. He has taught in subjects ranging from Arithmetic through Calculus in many environments such as corporate workshops, industrial groups, adult education courses, secondary schools, and college and university classes.

Through his many years of experience he has developed proven teaching and learning techniques to help anyone succeed in learning mathematics via his online math videos. As a video math tutor for students, Professor Davis’ dynamic, clear, and comfortable methods of teaching through his math videos allows students to build confidence which prepares them for future mathematical subjects and increases their test performance, which ultimately results in acquiring better jobs.

As a video math tutor it has been his goal to provide clear, succinct information in a manner that creates an enjoyable learning experience. As a direct result, students find that by learning through our online math videos and tutorials they can easily achieve their academic goals with the satisfaction of being competent in the material they are learning.

Having the ability to identify the best way to convey the material in a way that matches the individual needs of the learner via online math video or lecture, Professor Davis has developed Videomathteacher.com with a library of over 11,000 online math videos in an effort to assist anyone, anywhere learn math. Not only does Gary have a love for teaching, he is also committed to supporting, encouraging and educating students.