Pre-Algebra Tutoring

Our pre-algebra tutoring videos and lessons prepare students for rigorous courses in Algebra. It begins with the foundations of arithmetic such as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents but also prepares the learner by introducing Algebraic subjects such as radicals, polynomials, factoring, graphing, and rational expressions.  As the student develops confidence with the realm of Algebra they can begin to move on to our elementary algebra, intermediary algebra and college algebra tutorial videos and lessons as they progress at their own pace.

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All Pre-Algebra Lessons Include

  1. Whole Numbers
    1. The Base Ten Number System
    2. Addition of Whole Numbers
    3. Multiplication of Whole Numbers
    4. Division of Whole Numbers
    5. Exponents
    6. Order of Operations
    7. Averages of Whole Numbers
    8. Prime Numbers and Prime Factorization of Numbers
    9. The Greatest Common Factor and the Least Common Multiple
  2. Fractions
    1. Introduction to Fractions
    2. Building or Reducing Fractions
    3. Addition of Fractions
    4. Subtraction of Fractions
    5. Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
    6. Multiplication of Fractions
    7. Division of Fractions
    8. Simplifying Complex Fractions
  3. Decimal Numbers
    1. Introduction to Decimal Numbers
    2. Rounding Decimal Numbers
    3. Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers
    4. Multiplication of Decimal Numbers
    5. Division of Decimal Numbers
    6. Fractions and Decimal Numbers
  4. Ratios and Proportions
    1. Ratios
    2. Proportions
    3. Solving Proportions
    4. Application of Proportions
  5. Percents
    1. Introduction to Percents
    2. Fractions, Decimals and Percents
    3. Percent Equations
    4. Applications of Percents
    5. Percent Increase and Decrease
    6. Calculating Tips and Taxes
    7. Applications of Percents
  6. Signed Numbers
    1. The Number Line
    2. Addition of Signed Numbers
    3. Subtraction of Signed Numbers
    4. Multiplication of Signed Numbers
    5. Division of Signed Numbers
    6. Order of Operations of Signed Numbers
  7. Roots of Numbers
    1. Square Roots
    2. Properties of Square Roots
    3. Calculating Square Roots
    4. Higher Roots
    5. Number Systems Used in Mathematics
  8. Units of Measurement
    1. Length Measurement in the English and Metric Systems
    2. Weight Measurement in the English and Metric Systems
    3. Capacity Measurement in the English and the Metric Systems
    4. Temperature Conversion Between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  9. Introduction to Geometry
    1. Geometric Figures
    2. Perimeter
    3. Area
    4. The Pythagorean Theorem
    5. Circles
    6. Volume
  10. Algebra Topics
    1. The Language of Algebra
    2. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
    3. Solving Equations Using the Addition or Subtraction Properties of Equality
    4. Solving Equations Using the Multiplication or Division Properties of Equality
    5. Using Steps for Solving Linear Equations
    6. Formulas
    7. Solving Word Problems Using Linear Equations
  11. Exponents
    1. Multiplication with Exponents
    2. Division and Negative Exponents
    3. Operations on Monomials
    4. Fractional Exponents
    5. Scientific Notation
  12. Polynomials
    1. Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials
    2. Multiplication of Polynomials
    3. Products of Binomials
    4. Division of a Polynomial by a Monomial
    5. Division of a Polynomial by a Polynomial
  13. Factoring
    1. Monomial Factors
    2. Factoring Using Special Products
    3. Factoring Trinomials
    4. A General Factoring Strategy
    5. Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
    6. Solving Word Problems Involving Quadratic Equations
  14. Graphing
    1. Inequalities and the Number Line
    2. The Cartesian Coordinate System
    3. Graphing Linear Equations
    4. Slope of a Line
    5. Forms of Linear Equations
    6. Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
  15. Systems of Linear Equations
    1. Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using the Graphing Method
    2. Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using the Addition or Elimination Method
    3. Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using the Substitution Method
    4. Solving Word Problems Involving Linear Systems.
    5. Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities
  16. Rational Expressions
    1. Reducing an Expression to Lowest Terms
    2. Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions
    3. Finding the Lowest Common Denominator
    4. Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions
    5. Solving Equations with Rational Expressions
    6. Solving Word Problems Involving Rational Expressions
    7. Simplifying Complex Fractions
  17. Radical Expressions
    1. Simplifying Radicals
    2. Addition and Subtraction of Radical Expressions
    3. Multiplication and Division of Radical Expressions
    4. Solving Radical Equations
  18. Quadratic Equations
    1. Solving Quadratic Equations Involving Perfect Squares
    2. Solving Quadratic Equations By Completing the Square
    3. Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula
    4. Graphing Quadratic Equations